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Following the success of previous shows ‘Attack of the 50 foot woman!’ and ‘Noir: A Dick Privet Mystery’, Coon productions return with a puppet theatre pastiche of spaghetti westerns.
The man with no name rides into town, tumbleweed appears, the saloon is humming. The dynamite  explodes. His nemesis appears. The bad guy tries to frame him, the bell chimes, the coffin maker is busy. The noose sways in the wind. Watch your back!
Justice is best delivered with a cigar on your lip and a gun on your hip.     
 This cinematic world is brought to life in and around a frontier town made from pianos.
With Croon productions trademark rod marionettes and object theatre, the street, saloon,   mountainous dessert or a coffin will materialise before your very eyes!
Made for grown-ups but suitable for everyone over 7.