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Noir: A Dick privet Mystery

NOIR: A Dick Privet mystery.

Wealthy business man Mr. Richman hires hard boiled private detective Dick Privet to find a missing person. Dick soon discovers that he’s not the only one hunting for Jonny Volent, he sure is a popular guy, but there's more to the case than first meets the eye. Dick soon becomes embroiled with femme fatale, Lola Me-me as the two of them witness a murder and try to out-fox the heavies ,and then there is the  mysterious man  calling himself The Collector  on their tail. Why does everyone want to find Jonny? What has The Collector paid for? Will Dick get answers? Results ? Corpses ?A date with Lola? 
A Stylish ,dark , funny puppet theatre pastiche of  film noir.

“Attack of the 50 foot woman”

"Attack of the 50 Foot Woman” is a live puppet performance of the cult 1950’s sci-fi film.
Travel to a 1950's Californian desert town, where the radio reports the world wide sightings of a U.F.O, our heroine has a terrifying encounter with the alien, while her adulterous husband plots to get her fortune with his floozy, but will the heroine get her revenge?

You bet she will:Hell hath no fury like a 50 ft woman scorned!

Combining puppets, object theatre, live performance and including marionette,rod and shadow puppetry.
Vintage cars, fabulous clothes and a sizzling original 1950’s style soundtrack. 

A trip down Route 66 was never as dangerous!




Portmanteau Picnic

A Victorian couple:Fanny and Godfrey look for a place to play croquet.
Poor Godfrey is expected to find the perfect spot  for the game as the croquet set is carried in Fannys’ bustle.